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Esperanza Youth Recovery Home provides substance abuse residential treatment services for female adolescents ages 13-17. Specialized services are provided to adolescents that are pregnant and/or that have children. Specialized services are conducted through supplemental counseling and educational sessions with special attention to parenting skills, life skills, child-care, tobacco cessation education, and relapse prevention planning.

Curriculum-based intervention practices for substance abuse and traumatic stress.
STD, FASD, HIV/AIDS and other health education presentations.
In-home schooling.
Life skills education and drug-free structured activities.
Family education and counseling sessions.
Rendering of appropriate medical services (i.e., prenatal care, women’s health issues, psychiatric evaluations, etc.)

Funding Source:
Texas Department of State Health Services.

Contact Person:
Clara Vasquez, Program Director at 956-712-3709



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