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Project HOPES

Safe Haven Program

Starr County Community Coalition

TAMIU-SCAN Prevention Project

Webb County Community Coalition

Zapata County Community Coalition






Alcohol Education Program for Minors/Minor in Possession Program

Emergency Shelter

HIV Early Intervention Program - HEI

Parenting Awareness & Drug Risk Education (PADRE) Program

Pregnant & Post-Partum Intervention Program

Rural Border Intervention (RBI) Program

Sexual Assault Services & Information (SASI) Program

SASI Education Program

SASI Counseling Program

Services To At-Risk (STAR) Youth Program


Adult Outpatient Treatment Program

Esperanza Recovery Home – Adolescent Female Residential Services

Serenidad Recovery Home – Adult Male Residential Services

Serenidad Women's Recovery Home

Mujeres Sanas/Specialized Female Outpatient Program for Adults

Technology Assisted Border Expansion and Enhancement Project (TA-BEEP)

Students Taking Action Negating Drugs (STAND) Program – Adolescent Outpatient Services

Youth Recovery Home Adolescent Male Residential Program - Laredo, TX

Youth Recovery Home Adolescent Male Residential Program - Harlingen/San Benito, TX




Border Traumatic Stress Response Center

Clinical Supervision Program

Co-occuring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders (COPSD) Program

Data Collection / Evaluation Program

Quality Assurance (QA) Program

Youth Recovery Community Services (YRCS)




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