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The Services to At-Risk (STAR) Youth Program is a short-term counseling program that offers youth and families’ guidance and support through free counseling, case management, and education services. Eligible participants include youth between the of ages 7 to 17 who commit a misdemeanor or state jail felony for the first time, youth who commit a delinquent offense for the first time, runaways, and youth experiencing family conflicts. Services are provided at participants’ homes, schools, or at SCAN offices.

Individual and family counseling, crisis intervention, curriculum-based resiliency skills education, parenting education, and referral services

Funding Source: 
The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Contact Person: 
Michelle Saldana, Program Director at 956-724-3177

If you think you have a problem that is overwhelming and need immediate assistance, you can call the STAR Crisis Hotline at 1-877-725-3122 at anytime.


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